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Listen to this! Sometime we can have a very black and white way of seeing and thinking that holds us back when God sends good orderly direction to lead us to the path that is purpose and ordained for our lives. Sometimes we can not hear Him! This idea is similar to being in a count room and the people are getting loud and the judges then takes his gavel and says, “Order in the court!!!!” Then everybody comes to attention and listens.

When coming into a newness of life, we have to sometime use a imaginary gavel in our mines to bring order and listen and shut down that black and white way of thinking and be objective, like a lawyer, and in our mines say, “I’m listening,” and ask God to help you receive in a new way. This way we begin to move in the purpose and the will God has for our lives. Then ask the Holy Spirit of God to help you to receive a new way of thinking for you are a new creature in Christ Jesus. You will put away the old things and old ways of thinking and begin to reach for the newness of life.