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About the Haven

The Haven's History

Haven of Love (a faith-based 501(c)3 organization) in 1999 for the purpose of assisting females caught in the traps of prostitution, drug abuse and domestic violence as well as women in the prison system returning to society. There is a critical need in the community to respond to the plight of these women. 

Women that have lived such a life style face an uphill battle starting a new life.  It is especially difficult for them. Most come from families where abuse of some kind was common and they know no other way to live. The Haven Of Love started within a home with a support group that mentored women from this life style, as well as taught co-dependency classes with these ladies.  Bible study, with the word of God as the foundation, was an integral part of their support. Realizing even more women could be reached by expanding this volunteer work to form a non-profit agency, The Haven Of Love received it's 501(c)3 status in 2000 and was permitted to go into treatment centers as well as prisons.  Working first in Dallas, Texas, and later in the Gatesville Women's Prison Unit outside of Waco, Texas, bible studies are held and co-dependency classes are taught.  The Haven of Love has also been allowed into the local Texas state jail, Jesse Dawson State Jail, in Dallas, Texas.

By 2005, 40 women had been involved in the bible studies, co-dependency classes and support groups and successfully returned to their families to begin their new lives.  These women began to give back to their community by participating in support groups and sharing their experience, strength and hope with other women that are now in the process of recovering and starting a new life. 

Countless women have received benefits from the programs and events facilitated by the Haven, the community has been positively impacted through this work., The Haven of Love partnered with the Prostitution Diversion Initiative Project in Dallas, Texas in 2008.  This project helps females caught in the trap of prostitution.  This outreach is supported by the Dallas Police Department, Dallas County Sheriff Department and other community base organizations in the Dallas area.  This community effort is conducted as a Dallas Police Department sweep where officers go into ‘red light’ districts of Dallas and pick up ladies that work that area as prostitutes.  These ladies are brought to a central location and given the choice of going to jail or going into treatment, or possibly other options in an effort to create another way of life through outreach.  Through this project The Haven Of Love outreach works closely with these women via case management, mentoring, and facilitating regular Co-Dependency classes and Support Groups.

About the founder

Karen Green is the Founder and Director of the Haven of Love ministry.  Her  personal testimony is a riveting and harrowing one.  Karen is a survivor of  childhood sexual abuse which lead her down a negative path of self-destruction on the streets of Dallas. She experienced her life-changing encounter with the Holy Spirit nearly 20 years ago, and God began to heal her heart and to transform her mind, body and soul.  Her thought process changed completely; soon after her own recovery began.  Karen’s faith remains undaunted.  Karen has since dedicated her life to the healing and restoration of those trapped in the negative cycles of self-destruction that physical/mental abuse and drug addiction can cause.  She began going into jails and prisons mentoring to the broken and lost; testifying about the goodness of God’s love and the power that the name Jesus Christ holds.  Many lives have since been restored because of her faithfulness to serve others.

Karen Green-Evans is native of Dallas and a well known speaker of the word of  God.  She is the mother of two adult children, one who is now a powerful young Pastor himself in Kansas city.  Karen is a member of the Potter’s House of Dallas, under the leadership of her pastor, Bishop T.D. Jakes.  She completed her biblical studies through Christ For the Nations and the Potter's House School of Ministry.  In addition to all of this, Karen has been speaking for prisons, county jails, churches, organizations, conferences, workshops, luncheons and group meetings for well over 15 years. 

Through her Haven of Love Ministry, she facilitates her own women’s workshops and luncheons twice a month for groups of women of 30 to 90 in attendance; but has spoken at numerous events for other organizations.  She also facilitates bible studies and life skills classes; and abstinence classes for the youth. 

Karen Green is available for speaking engagements. Called to minister to those who need HOPE for restoration, Karen definitely has a true heart and passion for it. Over the last 17 years, Karen has had the honor and privilege of speaking at engagements all over the country. She has spoken at ministry events, church services, schools, colleges, prisons and spiritual revivals.  If you are interested in booking Karen for your next engagement, please email or call 214-232-1320. Please include the date, time, venue address and event type. 


To learn more about the founder of the Haven of Love Karen Green, take a look at her video testimony for I Am Second also now available at
Barnes and Nobles in the book I Am Second (Real Stories).

Watch Karen's I Am Second Video.

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