Haven of Love, now a well-established, faith-based, 501(c)(3) organization, started out in 1999 as a grassroots ministry led by Karen Green and a small group of dedicated volunteers. These women were all passionate about assisting females caught in the traps of prostitution, drug abuse and domestic violence as well as women attempting to reintegrate into society after being in the prison system. Karen saw then, and continues to see the critical need to respond to the plight of these women.

Women that have lived such a life style face an uphill battle when starting a new life. It is especially difficult as most come from families where abuse was common and therefore, do not understand a healthy and functional way to live.

The Haven Of Love started within a residential home as a support group that mentored women from this life style, as well as taught Untangling Relationships classes designed to break the devastating cycles of co-dependency. Bible study, with the Word of God as the foundation, was the cornerstone of these support groups. Realizing even more women could be reached by expanding this volunteer work, Karen worked hard to incorporate her non-profit. Her hard work paid off in 2000 as the Haven Of Love received it’s official 501(c)(3) status and earned the right to teach and mentor women in treatment centers as well as prisons. Working first in Lou Sterrett County Jail in Dallas, Texas, and later in the Gatesville and Henderson Women’s Correctional Facilities, Haven of Love has been able to provide hope to women through the wide variety of services and classes offered.

Over the past 2+ decades, thousands and thousands of women have received benefits from the programs and events facilitated by Haven of Love, and the community has been positively impacted through the work.

To see a full list of services and classes currently offered, please visit our Events & Programs page.