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Discover Your Roots

  24.01.2024   TheHaven   Encouragement   No comments

Be who you are called to be. You are identified by name. You have a family name, your earthly family name and your heavenly family name. I say unto you


  16.08.2023   TheHaven   Encouragement   No comments

Beloved, it seems like there is always one more thing you have to do to accomplish what has been set before you. But you are like a seed that has


  21.07.2023   TheHaven   Encouragement   No comments

Discernment is being poured out right now. Open your hands and receive it. There are situations in your life that need great discernment. Do not be fooled or enticed. When

Way of Faith

  25.05.2023   TheHaven   Encouragement   No comments

Be very careful how you approach the situation that is before you. This has not surprised Me. There are those in your life who do not live according to My

Strength and Power

This is a time of new beginnings when you can effectively make changes that will result in greater safety and protection. Stay alert as you put the past behind you

Quiet and Listen

Too often we would rather have someone tell us what to do rather than listen to GOD’S voice. Is it easier to follow a “law” than to hear a direct

Small Straws by Marsha Burns

When you get overwhelmed, stop and relax. Quiet your mind and emotions and listen carefully for My still small voice. I will show you what you need to know to

Time for God

  10.09.2022   TheHaven   Encouragement   No comments

You have too many things coming at you at once. Media, media, media has filled your mind. You are even losing the ability to be still and quiet. I tell

Do Not Lose Heart

  29.07.2022   TheHaven   Encouragement   No comments

Sometimes it feels like you are the only one who is doing good and that the world around you is out of control evil. But, I say to you that

A Place of Peace

  25.04.2022   TheHaven   Encouragement   No comments

Position yourself in a place of peace, and completely let go of the fears that you have secretly nurtured. Fear is neither productive nor will it yield positive results. Calm